July 1998 - October 12, 2008

I will never forget the first time we met.  You were hungry, injured and living in an abandoned  parking lot with two other dogs.  It took weeks of me leaving food and water for you to trust me.  You walked up to me, sat in front of me, and waited patiently for me to pet you; you were covered in motor oil, with scars all over your body.  After that day, you became my shadow and eventually you jumped in my car and come home with me.  Sweet and loving with me, I quickly learned that you were aggressive with other dogs, people and especially children.  That's when we met Vince.  He taught you that the world could be a good place and that not all people all cruel.  The transformation in you was astounding - you soon realized how much fun life could be and made many new friends.  You even became a Certified Pet Therapy dog and Canine Good Citizen and an inspiration to others.  A true and faithful friend, you were my guardian and protector and filled my life with joy and my heart with love.  The valuable lessons you taught me will stay with me always; you made me a better person and taught me what love is.  May you always be a symbol of what miracles love, faith and trust can perform.  Although your life began living on the streets, fighting for food, and running from abuse, it ended with kindness, friendship and love.  You had the love and respect of family, friends, clients and all who met youI feel your loss more than any other I have ever suffered.  I was so very blessed to have you in my life for ten years and to be with you when you departed.  Words cannot express how much I miss you and how dearly I love you.  

People say that I saved you, but my darling Jack, I know it was you who saved me.  


Sedona & Jack



Jack in class

Jack snuggling in his blanket.

Jack marching in the Ringwood Parade


Aspen, Jack & Santa

Trainer's Truck


Jack & Aspen in the car


Aspen, Jack & Vince

Jodi, Jack, Aspen & Vince







Jack relaxing in the truck.


Jack at the dog show.


Jack & Sedona