May 2005 - June 1, 2010

From the first day she arrived from the Tennessee she helped me with the grief of losing Aspen.  She was not a typical “Pyrenees” - she gave kisses and lots of them.  Sedona loved and trusted everyone, she was the trainer of “ bad dogs” - she taught them to stay calm and be good.  I cannot count the amount of dogs she helped me fix.  She knew I was there to keep her safe when that difficult dog came into the room.  In situations that would cause other dogs to fight or retreat, she remained calm and serene. There was not a mean bone in her body. In the 5 short years we had her, she has helped so many people and dogs.  Her calm presence taught adults and children that were afraid of dog not to be afraid.  She loved children, especially infants.  I trusted her with the youngest of babies. 

A month before she passed, we went to a Great Pry show with her and Wyatt.  They were perfect spectators, allowing both dogs and people to walk over them while they were lying down.  It was a great day.  There are so many memories, like walking in the Ringwood’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, teaching Wyatt how to get the best treats from our clients, and just hanging out in the truck.  During class when I have all the dogs walk to the “center of the class”, Sedona knew this was her cue to come off her Kuranda Bed and join the crowd.  I know I will choke up every time I say that phrase.  I will miss the chewing she used to do on my pant legs, like she was chewing corn on the cob.  I will miss how she “HELPED” me roll up the rugs after training class - she used to step on the rugs playing with me and preventing me from rolling them up. She was a happy character.  There are so many adventures I planned to share with her and now I have to take them with her in my heart. I am devastated at losing her so young. I have to believe that there is a more important job for her.  

I lost my training partner.  God how I miss her.  

Love you girl,



Our beautiful girl Sedona


Sedona loving the snow



Sedona & Santa


Jack & Sedona




Sedona & Wyatt at Christmas




Sedona, Vince & Jack



Sedona & Jack at class



Sedona & Jack


Vince & Sedona - adoption day